Chris Adonis On Getting The Masterlock Over, Fans Responding To Eli Drake, Working w/ Shawn Michaels

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Impact Wrestling star Chris Adonis recently spoke with Pollo Del Mar on the Arm Drag Takedown podcast; you can read a few highlights and listen to the show below:

Chris Adonis comments on his ‘Masterlock Challenge’ getting over so well while he was known as Chris Masters in WWE and having it still be effective today: 

“They were trying to take a step back from doing all the crazy stuff and get [fans] conditioned back to just some basic stuff that’s fundamental and works, like the full nelson. It’s a simple move, but it works if it’s presented right the way.”

Adonis comments on working with Shawn Michaels early in his career, what he learned from him: 

“Everything he did, he just did really well. Not only do you have great moves you execute, you execute the right emotions at the right time. You execute all those little things, and the storytelling aspect, which goes along with the emotions at what’s happening, how you’re ‘selling’ — how you’re able to bring a crowd into it and convey pain.”

“You put all that together, and you realize it doesn’t really matter how innovative a move…it just matters the performance overall.”

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Adonis puts over current Impact Wrestling World Champion and ally Eli Drake: 

“He’s been kind of a homegrown talent in Impact and has worked really hard to get where he’s at. People are really starting to react to him, so it’s really the right time for them to do something with him.”