Details On This Week’s Impact Wrestling Teleconference With KM, Lana & Naomi TP Natalya’s Hotel Room In Total Divas Preview (Video)

Details On This Week’s Impact Wrestling Teleconference Featuring KM, Lana & Naomi TP Natalya’s Hotel Room (Video)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

He’s (Not) A Liar

Impact Wrestling issued the following media advisory for this week’s Impact Wrestling teleconference call with KM:

KM – the snarky, brute brawler looking to make a name for himself inside the IMPACT Wrestling ring, at the expense of anyone and everyone — will speak with the media on Wednesday, Dec. 13, starting at 2pm ET in the weekly IMPACT Wrestling Media Teleconference.

KM has, of late, been trying to prove himself to American Top Team in hopes of joining the prestigious MMA crew, no doubt as a stepping-stone to bigger and better things in the wrestling world, including championship gold.

Topics To Discuss In The Teleconference:

  • Knockouts sensation Sienna;
  • KM’s fashion-savvy attire;
  • Why New York is the best city in the world;
  • His in-ring career, which dates back to 2000;
  • Why he has repeatedly been referred to as, a liar;
  • KM’s claim that he is, pound for pound, the strongest wrestler on the IMPACT roster;
  • Post-match sushi;
  • His training workout that, he claims, has been featured in no less than 10 fitness publications in 2017;
  • Travel stories;
  • The top five wrestlers he’d like to smack around, just because.

Total Divas

The following preview clip for this week’s episode of Total Divas features Naomi and Lana pranking Natalya by covering her hotel room in toilet paper:

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