11/29 WWE NXT Results: Kairi Sane Takes On Peyton Royce, Andrews/Dunne vs Bate/Seven

Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce

Sane on offense early with a hurricanrana and a dropkick, but Royce came back with a spinning heel kick for two. Peyton continues to taunt Sane until she gets caught with a spear, then Sane follows up with a Sliding D forearm smash. Sane wins it after a few kicks and the Insane Elbow.

Winner – Kairi Sane

Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews vs Trent Seven & Tyler Bate

Dunne stomps Trent and hits a Backstabber, then Andrews tags in… or at least attempts to as Dunne teases dissention before taunting him and stomping Trent. Bate gets the tag after a Seven Stars Lariat, then connects with a springboard elbow and an exploder suplex. Bate connects with a standing Shooting Star Press but Andrews hits a frankensteiner into a sitout powerbomb by Dunne, and the combination and near fall get a big roar from the crowd.

Trent comes back with a snapdragon suplex and a cradle suplex, then Bate comes back with a rolling kick and a German suplex, but Andrews got the blind tag on the lift. Andrews broke up the win and attacks Bate, then goes for a top rope shooting star press, but Bate avoids it and airplane spins him. Dunne whips Bate into the ropes and gets caught with an uppercut off the ropes, and Bate hits the Tyler Driver for the win.

Winners – Trent Seven & Tyler Bate

Andrews attempted to help Dunne after the bell, but Dunne attacked him and laid him out with The Bitter End to close the show.

Fun match with some cool spots, especially the frankensteiner into the powerbomb.