11/29 WWE NXT Results: Kairi Sane Takes On Peyton Royce, Andrews/Dunne vs Bate/Seven

WWE NXT Results 11/29

WWE NXT Results – 11/29/17

Street Profits vs Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Moss and Dawkins talk trash back and forth, then Moss hits a shoulder block and a scoop slam to start things off. Ford comes in on the tag after Dawkins assists with a tandem release suplex, but Tino gets in and starts showboating. More trash talking with Moss and Tino working over Ford, then Dawkins gets the hot tag and helps clear the ring. He hits a somersault dive on Moss on the floor, then hits a spinebuster on Tino and Ford follows with the top rope splash.

Winners – Street Profits

Lots of trash talking, but the San Antonio crowd was really into the Profits