Rumor Killer On Speculated WWE United States Title Redesign, WWE Says ‘Thank You’ For Watching (Video)

Rumor Killer On Speculated WWE United States Championship Design, WWE Says ‘Thank You’ For Watching (Video)

Fake News

Earlier today an ad for the upcoming Smackdown live event at the Florence Civic Center featured an image that included an apparent new design for the United States Championship currently held by Baron Corbin.

The belt in question is fake, and was a fan redesign that surfaced on Reddit last year, and was based on the current Intercontinental Championship design. There was a strong rumor that WWE was working on a redesign for the US and Intercontinental Championships in January of this year, but no timelime was ever given for an introduction, and there were never any legitimate photos produced, leaving it just an unconfirmed rumor at the time.

The Florence Civic Center has since corrected the issue with the US title (although the image of Charlotte still has Natalya’s side plates) and posted the following:

WWE Network

WWE posted the following video, saying thank you to fans for watching WWE Network in 2017: