Cody Rhodes To Defend Ring Of Honor World Title At Rev Pro Event, New Day Reveals ‘The Book Of Booty’ (Video)

Cody Rhodes

Photo Credit: Tabercil / Wikimedia Commons


UK based Revolution Pro Wrestling announced Cody Rhodes will put his Ring Of Honor World Championship on the line next Friday against Jay Lethal. The match takes place just one week before Cody faces Dalton Castle at Final Battle:

It has been agreed with ROH officials that Cody will make one final defense of his ROH gold on his journey to Final Battle.  

In a world championship clash which will have huge ramifications for ROH’s biggest show of the year Cody will put his gold on the line against ROH’s franchise and former heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal at Friday December 8th’s ‘Uprising’. 

To ensure that Dalton Castle gets his contracted championship match at Final Battle, should Lethal be victorious then two scheduled matches would become one as the Final Battle main event would turn into a 4 way.  

Such a match would create history as not only would Castle get his shot, but it would also mark Lethal’s first defense, Cody’s re-match and perhaps most interestingly Cody’s Bullet Club stablemate ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll’s first ever shot at the ROH World Title. 

York Hall, Bethnal Green is a very important place for the ROH World Title, it was in this very venue that the ROH gold became a recognized world championship after Samoa Joe defended his belt against The Zebra Kid, Roy Knight in 2003. 

The two subsequent title matches in that very building have featured Jay Lethal, once as champion in a successful defense against Mark Haskins at Revolution Pro Wrestling  at High Stakes 2015 and once as challenger against Adam Cole during ROH’s Reach For The Sky Tour in November 2016, on Friday December 8th another important chapter in the championships history will be written between the historic walls of UK’s most iconic combat sports venue as Cody & Lethal will go to war again!

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Book Of Booty

The following video features The New Day revealing their upcoming book, “The Book of Booty: Shake it. Love it. Never be it.”

The book is now available for preorder now at The sypnosis (via Amazonis as follows:

Multi-time W . . . W . . . E! (WWE) TAG! TEAM! CHAMPIONS! The New Day want you to feel the power!! And now you can with The Book of Booty: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It. From the purveyors of positivity themselves, each chapter of this handy guide will help you embrace the New Day way of life. Even if you’re feeling booty―and who (who?! who?! who?! who?! who?!) has never felt booty? ―you’ll be clapping, gyrating, and radiating positivity like the New Day themselves.

Fans will learn:

* The New Day’s official definition of “booty,” and the telltale signs that you or a loved one might be booty

* The proper attire and headwear for the new you

* How to twerk like a man

* What your spirit animal says about you

* How to project positivity

By the time you finish this book, you’ll be a rainbow-gazing, trombone-playing, unicorn-loving soldier of positivity, ready to take on nefarious WWE tag teams with a smile on your face. Pro tip: Eat your Booty O’s every morning for added strength!