Impact Wrestling Results (11/16) Gail Kim Retires, oVe And LAX Go To War, Eli Drake Defends Against Petey Williams!

Impact Grand Championship Match: EC3 (c) vs Fallah Bahh

Round One:

Bahh starts a “Bahh” chant. EC3 mocks Bahh. EC3 goes behind Bahh but Bahh butt bumps him clear across the ring. Bahh tells EC3, “no, no, no!’ Bahh tries to stomp EC3 but EC3 rolls out of the way. Bahh chases EC3 as EC3 rolls around the ring stomping. Ec3 tries to pick up Bahh but… well that doesn’t end well. EC3 rolls out of the ring. Bahh sets up for a dive (yes, you read that correctly) but EC3 moves out of the way. Bahh stomps himself from sailing to the floor. Bahh goes outside and runs over EC3 as the round ends.

Winner of Round One: Fallah Bahh

Round Two:

Bahh crushes Ec3 in the corner. Bahh tries it again but EC3 moves out of the way. EC3 kicks Bahh in the head then turns to the judges and tells them that was worth 6000 points. EC3 unleashes machine gun chops on Bahh. EC3 puts Bahh in a rear chin lock. Bahh fights to his feet. EC3 splashes Bahh in the corner. Bahh tumbles to the mat. EC3 locks in a camel clutch.

Winner of Round Two: EC3

Round Three:

EC3 lays into Bahh. EC3 bad mounts Bahh. Ec3 hits the ropes but Bahh catches him with a Samoan drop. Both men struggle to their feet. Belly-to-belly by Bahh. Crossbody block by Bahh. Bahh tries to go up top but EC3 cuts Bahh off. Bahh hits the mat. EC3 pins Bahh with his feet on the ropes.

Winner and STILL Impact Grand Champion, EC3!

You know what? This was actually a pretty fun match. We don’t get to see a ton of Bahh but in the right situation, he has proven he can be pretty entertaining. I am not sure what is going on with EC3 but for a champion, he sure seems to be floating in obscurity. This is maybe the second title defense he has had since winning the title. That’s strange for someone who has been featured so heavily in the past. Maybe being Impact Grand Champion isn’t all its cracked up to be. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments.