Motor City Machine Guns On Finally Winning Tag Titles, If There’s A Rebirth In Tag Team Wrestling, Global Wars

Chris Sabin Alex Shelley Motor City Machine Guns

Chris Sabin Alex Shelley Motor City Machine Guns

Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns recently spoke with Scott Fishman for Channel Guide Magazine; you can read a few highlights below:

MCMG comment on finally winning tag team gold after teaming with each other for ten years, how they celebrated: 

AS: I slept. Honestly, sleep is time that’s never wasted. In terms of winning the ROH tag titles, to me, that’s pretty cool. I’ve never won a title in that company, and the Young Bucks are on top with or without titles. And really, Sabin and I had to work our asses off together the past year in terms of finding our groove as a team again and changing gears to keep up with what ROH presents, if I am being transparent. And really, truly, I love ROH and consider myself very lucky to be contracted there in the first place. To achieve a higher position? Just super blessed, really.

CS: It did mean a lot to me. There’s a history that goes back to 2007 between MCMG and ROH, so it’s been a 10-year journey that has paid off.

Do the Guns think there’s a rebirth in tag team wrestling right now? 

AS: No. There’s no rebirth in ROH because it never died there. That’s a fact, they have always respected that particular area of their company and kept it strong. There’s ebb and flow to the teams that come and go, but it’s not like ROH never put emphasis there. I honestly think that, as a team, we won’t get our due for quite a while. It seems to take people verbally stating influences for them to get recognized, and I certainly don’t expect guys who are currently working to do that because a: they’re working, b: it might not be in the same company, c: they need to focus on themselves as a product, so why mention anyone else, and d: all of the above.

CS: I don’t know if there is a rebirth of tag team wrestling happening. Tag team wrestling has been really good for a number of years now in my opinion, and I hope it’s popularity only continues to grow.

MCMG on what to expect from facing Bullet Club at Global Wars: 

AS: Oh dude, come on. You know that answer. A sweet match.

CS: I think the fans expect an amazing, entertaining match and will get an amazing, entertaining match. The Ring of Honor roster strives to give every fan their money’s worth.