GFW Impact Results (9/28) Victory Road Results, New Champions Crowned, Did Johnny Impact Dethrone Eli Drake?

GFW Impact Results – 09/28/17GFW Impact Results

September 28th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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X-Division Championship Match: Trevor Lee (c) w/Caleb Konley vs Petey Williams

Williams traps Lee in the corner. Williams lands a few chops. Top rope hurricanrana by Williams. Williams dropkicks Lee in the back of the head. Lee tries an O’Connor roll but Williams kicks out. Lee tumbles to the outside. Williams takes Lee over with a hurricanrana on the outside. After a distraction by Konley, Lee obliterates Williams with a PK on the apron. Lee only gets a two count. European uppercut by Lee. Lee Irish whips Williams into the corner hard. Lariat by Lee. Williams kicks out. Lee locks in a rear chin lock. Williams fights out of it. Williams levels Lee with chops and kicks. Canadian legs sweep by Williams. Lee kicks out. Russian leg sweep by Williams. Lee kicks out. Williams sets up the Canadian Destroyer.

Konley gets up on the apron. Williams takes Konley out with a dive to the outside. Lee tries to grab Williams as he is getting back in the ring. Williams leaps over the top rope and hits a double knee code breaker. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer. Konley pulls the referee out of the ring. Konley tells the referee to DQ them. Williams convinced the referee to keep the match going. Konley is ejected from ringside. Lee hits Williams in the head with the title Williams kicks out! After a strike exchange, Williams almost hits another Canadian Destroyer, but Lee counters into the standing double foot stomp. Williams is out. Lee gets the pinfall victory.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion, Trevor Lee!