Shane Douglas Talks WWE Bringing Back Starrcade, Why He Thinks Cody Rhodes Won’t Appear, More

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On WWE bringing back Starrcade:
I’d be shocked if Cody does appear and not because I’m sure he loves his brother Dustin dearly but for Cody to go back it seems to me from what I have read publicly, I have not spoken privately to him about it but it seems like he left on pretty terse terms with WWE. Which seems to be a revolving thing doesn’t it? People that leave seem to have a pretty disgruntled view of the company. I don’t see in my personal opinion where if I was an NWA fan (and I am) but if I am a fan outside of the business I wouldn’t spend one dollar on a WWE Starrcade event because Vince McMahon had nothing to do with the inception, build-up, execution or duration of Starrcade. Those were exclusively an NWA product under the Crocketts and with Dusty Rhodes and it was the Dusty Rhodes brainchild that started it. I just don’t see where it would be like (Darren) Aronofsky the guy who did The Wrestler, it would be like him suddenly saying he can write a Star Wars movie which he has never had anything to do with because that is a (Disney) Lucas Property and I just don’t see the connection from Vince McMahon to Starrcade. Vince has enough entities that he is making money on and off of that he did create and I don’t see where he has the right to crossover. I don’t care that he bought the name from the WCW library or whatever, he had nothing to do with Starrcade and the purest “mark” in me would never spend a dime to support that.
This week, we also dig deep into the Ask Franchise Anything mailbag and answer all listener submitted questions covering a mix of classic and contemporary topics including Shane’s thoughts on the return of Starrcade, the Undertaker’s retirement and his feud with Ravishing Rick Rude during Rude’s brief ECW run in 1997. Shane also discusses the NFL “taking a knee” controversy and if an athlete’s political protests should overtake the games they play and teams they play for.
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