Backstage News on the Future of Lucha Underground

(Francine Orr/ LA Times via Getty Images)

(Francine Orr/ LA Times via Getty Images)

For quite some time, there have been talks of whether a fourth season of Lucha Underground will be produced. There have been conflicting reports of the status of the company, and seemingly no clear-cut development. Former WWE and current Lucha Underground referee Marty Elias has been on the Pancakes & Powerslams Show on many occasions, providing updates that things are looking good as far as another season.

Dave Meltzer reported on his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that “things look bleak,” “the people who funded seasons two and three have not committed to a fourth season,” and “nobody new has come to the table willing to commit to funding another season.”

Lucha Underground producer Eric Van Wagenen was the latest guest on the Ringside Pop show with Dale Rutledge, Marty Elias, and Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong; not present at this show). Here is the update he provided regarding the future of LU.

“Those conversations are happening. I wouldn’t be here today… if I thought Lucha Underground was dead. I don’t think it’s dead. If I was a betting person, I would bet that we’re coming back. But, TV breaks your heart. Everyone who has worked in it knows, sometimes the best shows are the ones that don’t survive. And then you have some shows that seem to be bulletproof and you hate them. But, that’s just the nature of television. And, this one is one that people feel very passionate about, and the audience feels very passionate about, and I think that everyone understands that. From Mark Burnett, to Gary Barber at MGM, to Daniel Tibbets and Robert Rodriguez.

“They all understand that this is a passionate fanbase, and it’s hard to quantify that. Hard to put a value on that. When you’re trending on Twitter, even though your audience is small compared to other television shows and other TV networks. The fact that people are so passionate about it, I think everybody understands that. And that’s not something in today’s TV business you just walk away from.”

You can view the full interview below.

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