Roman Reigns Comments On No Mercy Win, Enzo Parades After His Cruiserweight Championship Win, Jason Jordan – IC Title

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Roman Reigns Comments On No Mercy Win

At No Mercy, Roman Reigns was able to defeat John Cena in an epic match after kicking out of multiple “Attitude Adjustment” finishers. On Raw Talk, following the pay-per-view, Cena heavily put over Reigns, stating that he is the future of the company, and has earned his respect.

Here is what Reigns had to say about the match.

Enzo Parades After His Cruiserweight Championship Win

Enzo Amore was able to win his first singles title by defeating Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Enzo commented on his win on Raw Talk, and said that he was going to celebrate his win right.

Enzo videotaped his celebration, as he was parading in the streets of LA last night.

Jason Jordan – IC Title

At No Mercy, Jason Jordan was unable to defeat The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, due to distraction and interference from the Miztourage. After the match, Jordan stated that he wants a rematch for the title.

WWE teased a potential rematch in the Raw preview.

“As the smoke cleared on the controversial matchup, a disappointed Jordan made no bones about the fact that he still doesn’t respect the crafty titleholder for his tactics and would indeed like another bout for the gold. But will he get it in the weeks to come? And if he does, will such a rematch cause friction with the locker room, especially with Jordan’s father being Raw General Manager Kurt Angle?”