Fans Insinuate WWE Is Bringing Back Starrcade To Compete w/ WrestleCade Fanfest; WC Promoter Reaches Out To Cody Rhodes

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Yesterday it was announced by WWE that they will be bringing back WCW’s classic PPV event Starrcade as a house show on November 25th at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina.

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That same weekend WrestleCade will be holding it’s annual super event featuring, “100+ wrestling stars from yesterday, today and tomorrow,” just up the street in Winston Salem, NC.

Since WWE made their announcement WrestleCade has been retweeting several fans who are claiming WWE is trying to pull fans away from WrestleCade with their Starrcade event. Including this pretty straight forward tweet from one fan:

WrestleCade has also posted the following string of tweets reaching out to both Cody Rhodes and Matt Hardy about appearing at WrestleCade:

While there would appear to be some animosity between the two companies WrestleCade also mentioned the following: