Stephanie McMahon Unveils Mae Young Doll, Bram On How False Abuse Allegations Affected His Bookings, New Day Celebrates Title Win

Mae Young Classic posted the following after Stephanie McMahon revealed a big surprise in the form of a special edition Mae Young doll in honor of last night’s tournament finals.

McMahon made the anouncement on Facebook Live before the finals aired; the doll is modeled after the new line of WWE fashion dolls featuring today’s WWE women:

Stephanie McMahon promised a big surprise during her Facebook Live interview with Cathy Kelleybefore the finals of the Mae Young Classic, and she delivered, unveiling a one-of-a-kind Mae Young WWE Superstars doll with the help of Linda Jiang, who designed the figure as part of WWE’s partnership with Mattel.

“When [WWE] announced the tournament, I thought, in my mind, ‘Wow, this would be so incredible to make as a fashion doll,’” said Jiang, who created the figure in a breakneck six-and-a-half-day span. (The dolls typically take three weeks at minimum.)

“It’s such an incredible honor to be able to work on this doll for you guys,” Jiang told Stephanie in the first portion of the interview.

The figure will be displayed on the red carpet in the leadup to the final match later tonight, which provoked a passionate response from Stephanie toward the accomplishments of the tournament.

“I am just overwhelmed,” Stephanie said of the tournament. “I am so incredibly proud of all the women, of all the women over the generations, of Sara Amato, our first female trainer, and of course of my husband [Triple H]. This idea for this whole tournament really was his. He’s made it happen with a whole team of people … I think this is just the beginning.”

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Impact Wrestling star Bram (Thomas Latimer) posted the following on Twitter, responding to past domestic abuse allegations brought against him and how they

The New Day

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