WWE NXT Results (9/13) Pete Dunne Defends The United Kingdom Title, And More!

WWE NXT Results – 09/13/17WWE NXT Results

September 13th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs Ruby Riot

Riot jumps on Royce and lands a few strikes. Kay tries to save Royce but Riot takes her down as well. Kay takes Riot over with a northern lights suplex. Nikki Cross walks into the arena through the crowd. Royce locks in a surfboard on the ropes. The referee breaks up the hold. Cross slinks around on the outside watching the match. Royce and Kay double gourd buster Riot for a near fall. Royce holds up Riot. Kay goes for a spinning elbow but Riot ducks and floors Kay. Riot crawls over to her corner. Cross gets on the apron and with a sinister look on her face tags herself into the match. Cross takes out both Royce and Kay. Cross obliterates Kay with the Three Handled Moss Covered Family Credenza. Cross laughs to herself and tags Riot back in. Cross exits the arena through the crowd laughing to herself. Riot climbs up top and hits a senton on Kay for the win.

Winners- Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross

Vidoe footage is shown of Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli making fun of Johnny Gargano. Last week Gargano challenged one of them to a match, which is up next.