Bruce Prichard On Why Vince McMahon Started Making Creative Team Bigger, On-Site At Final Nitro

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Bruce Prichard, longtime former WWE producer, was a right-hand man for over 20 years to Vince McMahon. He’s also the co-host of a very successful podcast called “Something To Wrestle With.”

Prichard joined me on my audio podcast, “Wrestling Reality with Justin LaBar” presented by Here’s some quotes from the conversation (transcription courtesy of @PeterBahi):

On the Success of His Podcast:

 I said to Conrad when we started, when Conrad asked me if I had enough material. I said, after 44 years in the business , yeah I think I do. It’s funny because some of the guys that listen to it; Gerald Brisco for example would say, I’ve heard that story so many times. It’s just now being able to take the stories when it was told in the cars, in between towns to be able to get out there and share them with people and be able to provide another side. Another narrative that has been out for so many years and to be able to debunk it and get another side of it.

On the Final WCW Monday Nitro:

It’s funny; a couple of things stand out, but the biggest thing to me was getting on the plane at the end of the night. Leaving Panama City, Florida. Guess afterwards we were flying to Cleveland, Ohio and then off to Detroit, Michigan. The euphoria, I mean, we just did what they said couldn’t be done. Here we are and now tomorrow was business as usual. We were going to go pick up the rest of the crew and go do SmackDown. It was so momentous to be part of that production and part of that day in history; then you do it, and then next; you have work to do. There were little things like Ric Flair being insecure about his body and wanting to wear a shirt, and me looking at Ric saying; Gosh, I don’t care, you’re Ric Flair. People don’t care. Just go out and be Ric Flair but he had been beaten down so much in his career, that the always confident Ric Flair had doubt and I never had seen that before, but it was interesting to say the least and not knowing what their future was, and we didn’t know what their future was. We hadn’t been able to dig deep into contracts and into financial of what else there was. We wanted their tape library, so everything else, everyone assumed we were full of it, but we didn’t have a plan because we didn’t have all the information, but we had to make a move because there was a deadline and they asked if we wanted WCW or not? We said that we did because we wanted the tape library; great, it’s yours. So, after that we had to figure everything else out.

On the Change of the Writer’s Room:

I can sum it up pretty much in one word: Vince Russo.

Bruce explains why in his opinion Vince Russo was key in Vince McMahon taking his creative process from a hand full of people at his kitchen table to a larger group at 10:30 mark in the podcast.

Bruce also impersonates Vince McMahon when asked what does Vince say when he finds out you have a podcast?

Plus, is Undertaker done? Bruce was Brother Love who was the first manager to Undertaker and gives his answer.

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