Roman Reigns Responds to “Faithless Fool” on Twitter During Hurricane Irma, Dozens of Wrestlers Bunker Down During The Storm

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns and his self-proclaimed “Big Dog” got into it with a random internet troll this weekend; one who apparently spends all his free time informing people “of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith that there is no evidence of their god”. Well, at least he has a hobby.

The conversation went like this:

Reigns: “My prayers go out to everyone dealing with Hurricane Irma. May God bless and protect all those in its path. #BeSafe”

Internet troll: “Dear ‘god’ maybe don’t make a hurricane next time you idiot”

Reigns: “Faithless fool. When your time on earth is done, enjoy nothing.”

That escalated quickly. On the plus side, I’ve never been so certain that Roman Reigns could have been the second coming of the short-lived Mordecai character.

To any of our readers in the Florida area that are/were in the path of Hurricane Irma, we hope you are safe and extend our sympathies for any losses or major damages you may be suffering. HERE IS A LINK with emergency numbers and hotlines for anyone that may need them.

As expected, there are numerous pro wrestlers that were forced to bunker down during the hurricane, which has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. The city of Orlando likely holds more wrestlers than anywhere else in the United States due to its proximity to Universal Studios, the WWE Performance Center and Full Sail University. Luckily Orange County wasn’t hit as hard as some of the major southern Florida cities, but heavy damage has been reported with gusts still reaching as high as 90mph. The daytime curfew for the area has been lifted for the time being, but more than 7 million people across the state have lost power and it’s estimated it could remain off for another 2-3 days.