WWE Smackdown Results (9/5): Randy Orton vs Shinsuke Nakamura #1 Contender’s Match, Shane McMahon Hits Breaking Point w/ Kevin Owens, More

wwe smackdown results

WWE Smackdown Results

September 5, 2017

Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton welcome us to Smackdown Live, explaining that John Bradshaw Layfield cares so much about underprivileged children, he’s turned into Corey Graves.

We cut to a dark alley where Randy Orton is standing for some reason. He says that he’s been around for a long time, and seen a lot of rising stars crash and burn. He guarantees that Shinsuke Nakamura will be just another guy who gets dropped with the RKO, and promises to take the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal.

In-Ring Segment

Carmella and James Ellsworth are already standing in the ring ready to open the show, but are cut off by a pissed off Kevin Owens. KO announces that he’s becoming a referee for Carmella’s match and tries to rip the shirt of the ref in the ring, leading Shane McMahon to make his way down to deal with the thorn in his side.

McMahon makes it clear that we’re not going through this again. Owens asks him why he always has to get involved in everything, blaming him for his loss to AJ Styles two weeks ago as well as SummerSlam. He has a point. Shane tells him to stop blaming everyone else for his failures, which really sets the former champion off. KO goes on a rant about Shane needing “daddy’s attention” and crosses the line by bringing up his children, at which point McMahon gets in his face and tells him never to talk about his kids again. Of course Owens has to take it one step further, and says that his entire family – wife and children included – would be better if he hadn’t survived that plane crash a few months ago.

Shane O’Mac has heard enough and takes it to Kevin with rabid punches, firing off with rights and lefts. Dozens of officials come out to try and separate them but Shane starts swinging away at them too. Daniel Bryan runs out and is finally able to calm the Commissioner down long enough to get things settled.