Shane McMahon Attacks Kevin Owens On Smackdown Live, John Cena In New Daddy’s Home 2 Trailer (Video)

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

WWE Smackdown Live

Tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live kicked off with Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens coming to blows after Owens insulted Shane and suggesting he was better off dead.

Owens came out and tried to air his grievances, but Shane told him they weren’t doing this again. Owens continued to blame Shane for losing to AJ Styles, but Shane told him to stop blaming everyone else for his failures. Owens went off on Shane, talking about how he needed Daddy’s attention and brought his kids into it, to which Shane warned him to never mention them again. Owens did not heed his warning, however, and Owens said Shane’s whole family would have been better off if he didn’t survive his publicized helicopter crash. Shane launched at Owens, unloading on him with a number of punches before Daniel Bryan and a group of officials pulled them apart.

Following the break, Owens warned Bryan that he would own Smackdown, and Bryan tried to calm him down and do it a different way, Owens threatened to press charges against Shane for attacking him.

Daddy’s Home

The following is the new trailer for Daddy’s Home 2, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. John Cena is also featured in the film, reprising his role as the birth father of Wahlberg’s stepkids from the first film: