Edge Praises Roman Reigns’ Promo Against John Cena, Usos Comment On Their Heel Turn and Who Started It

(Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)

(Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)

Edge Praises Roman Reigns’ Promo Against John Cena

On the latest E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness podcast, Edge & Christian discussed the segment where John Cena and Roman Reigns cut a promo on each other to hype their upcoming match at No Mercy. Christian stated that he also has drawn a blank in the ring, so he understands how Reigns felt during that short moment. Edge added that this was overall Reigns’ best promo yet.

“It’s the best promo I’ve seen him do. Because, you could tell he really felt what he was saying. Now, I think with more practice, more tune up, he’s got it, cuz he had a lot more points he coulda hit about John that he didn’t. He coulda speedbagged John with some of the stuff he could say, and he didn’t go there… Honestly, I think [forgetting his lines] was a hard way to practice, but I think that is a good learning lesson for Reigns. I think that’s where he needs to get to in all his promos [to feel authentic and genuine].”

Usos Comment On Their Heel Turn

Edge & Christian also had WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions The Usos on the show. The brothers discussed being a part of the Anoa’i dynasty, their different phases as a tag team, and more.

Here is what they had to say about their heel turn.

“We couldn’t wait to turn heel. We noticed when we were doing the babyface run, it was cool, it was a whole other side of us, being the good guy and running with that. And then, if you don’t adapt and evolve in this business, you’ll get left behind, and we felt that. We started to feel it, something has to be done, we gotta change something. And then, [we were told], ‘tonight we’re gonna turn them heel.’ We finally got to do that, and when we did, we knew that this was gonna be the time, and this was really gonna be our breakout. This is really gonna be who we are. The babyface Usos, that was us too, but this is really gonna be who we are… We from the Anoa’i family. Samoan family wrestling. They naturally work like heels. And I feel like we naturally work like heels. So it’s way easier, more comfortable, [we actually] get to talk crap to somebody, we barely got to talk when we were babyfaces… We’re glad we made this move.”

The Usos also stated that they got tired on walking around like a “box of crayons,” and that their short alliance with Roman Reigns was the start of their heel turn, because the boos did not stop after that, even when they stopped teaming with him.

You can hear the full show below.

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