GFW Impact Results (8/31) Global Champ Eli Drake in Action, Huge Global Title Match Signed, and More!

Backstage, Allie walks up to Taryn Terrell and asks her why she has been so mean to Miss Gail. Terrell asks if Allie can give Gail Kim a message. Terrell beats Allie down and tells her to relay that back to Kim.

Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara vs oVe

Jake and Bokara lock up. Bokara forces Jake into the corner. Jakes takes Bokara down with a top rope arm drag. Dave tags in and hits a senton. Jake and Dave are making quick tags, beating down Bokara. Neckbreaker by Jake. Bokara surprises Jake with a high angle German suplex. Bahh tags in and flattens Jake with a running crossbody. Bahh misses a leg drop. Bokara tags and eats a double kick by oVe. High knee running boot combo by oVe. Doomsday Cutter by oVe for the win.

Winners- oVe

Backstage, Cornette is talking to Moose. EC3 walks in and asks why the Impact Grand Champion isn’t going to be on Triple Mania. Cornette tells EC3 that he has a match against Fantasma. EC3 says he didn’t know. Cornette says, oh you didn’t know? Moose and Cornette say in stereo: your @$$ betta call somebody! Moose and Cornette leave and laugh at EC3.