Eli Drake & Chris Adonis On What Impresses Them About Their Partnership, How They Clicked & Now See Benefits Of Working Together

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WrestleZone was on the most recent GFW Media Call today that featured new GFW Global Champion Eli Drake as well as Chris Adonis.

Full audio from the call is available to listen to on our channel on Eric Bischoff’s IRWNetwork.com. You can read a few transcribed highlights, as well as listen to it in the embedded player below:

What has impressed Chris Adonis most about Eli Drake, and Eli comments on what their partnership has been like for him on his end?

Chris: When I see a guy like Eli, he is a homegrown talent, although he’s been in wrestling a long time, he is a homegrown talent in GFW, formerly TNA. Obviously, he’s worked his ass off. I’ve seen this guy ascend, and we’ve even had conversations before I had showed up to Impact Wrestling about where he was at… quite frankly, I didn’t realize how much we had in common until we actually met and I showed up in Impact Wrestling. I thought he was a much different guy than he was, but I realized real quick that this guy’s just like me. And then, me being a new talent to GFW, I was looking around the landscape seeing who exactly it is I could align myself with, someone who is like minded to myself, and I also saw Eli Drake getting screwed every single week, week by week. It was nothing that was planned on our part, it organically kinda came together. Since then it’s been a great relationship, and I’m happy to see Eli Drake not getting screwed around every week and finally take the spot I think he deserves and I think that all of the fans wanted to see, and that’s him being at the top of the mountain. I proud to stand there next to him, knowing how much he’s been through to get there.

Eli: I actually remember, it was one of those Florida trips where we were filming down there, and there were a bunch of conversations where it was like ‘oh wait, you’re into that too?’ or whatever it was, but there was a click. If I can also add an addendum to what Chris was just saying, I do remember the very first time we stepped into the ring together, we were actually on opposing sides. I think this is where we first got each other’s attention in that sense, and I remember there was one point in time where I said to him ‘you move really good in there for a big dude’ and he actually said to somebody else ‘that Eli Drake is deceptively strong’. It was just kind of like we had an understanding at that point like there could be a benefit [to each other] here. And, as far as now is concerned, we’re starting to see those benefits pay off. We’re reaping the benefits, cashing the dividends, and here we are, we’ve got a Global Champ.