New GFW Global Champion Eli Drake, Chris Adonis To Take Part In GFW Teleconference Call

eli drake

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Global Force Wrestling issued the following media advisory, announcing new GFW Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis will take part in a media teleconference tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m.

The new, undisputed GFW Global Champion Eli Drake holds his first Media Teleconference at 2pm ET on Wednesday, August 30.  Eli will be joined on the call by his trusty tag-team partner/henchman Chris Adonis.

Drake claimed the GFW Global Championship on Aug. 24, running the Gauntlet – from the No. 1 entrant to his arm being raised as the new No. 1 person in Global Force Wrestling as the GFW Global Champion.  This Global Championship reign follows Drake’s 2016 run as the King Of The Mountain Champion, which he held for 82 days.

Drake has been wrestling professionally since 2002, made his GFW debut in 2015, and has feuded with “Cowboy” James Storm, Moose, and others.

Adonis is the perfect ally for Drake, standing an imposing 6-foot-4 and weighing 285-pounds.  He’s muscle-packed, experience-laden and as ego-filled as Drake.

Both Drake and Adonis are California residents, enjoying all the benefits of A-List stardom in Hollywood and beyond.

Plan your questions now as this Teleconference promises to be informative and action-packed.

Here is the pertinent information:


– GFW Global Championship;

– Gauntlet For The Gold;

– Jim Cornette in, Bruce Prichard out;

– The Top 10 Dummies in GFW;

– The arrival of Johnny Impact into GFW;

– Strutting down Sunset Boulevald, GFW Global Championship in-hand;

– E-Li-Drake

– Why Drake & Adonis are the most feared duo in GFW history;

– Why Drake insisted this Teleconference be held at 2p.m. ET, an hour later than normal;

– Red-carpet treatment in Southern California as the GFW Global Champion;

– The diet that delivers such sculpted physiques;

– American Top Team making itself known in GFW; and

– Global challengers for the championship, such as Pro Wrestling NOAH stars

Wrestlezone will have highlights and audio from the call tomorrow afternoon after it concludes.