WWE Smackdown Results (8/29): Orton & Nakamura Team Up in Main Event, Kevin Owens Responds to Shane McMahon, US Title Open

In-Ring Segment

Aiden English is in the ring singing a song about himself. He’s quickly cut off by Kevin Owens, and the look of utter sadness and despair on English’s face was priceless. KO didn’t attack but, but rather politely asked him to leave the ring as none of the Arkansas hicks in the arena could appreciate his music anyways.

Owens went on a rant about Shane McMahon screwing him over last week, as they agreed he got to pick the special guest referee for his final shot at the US Championship, but somehow Shane ended up weaseling his way into the match anyways. He demanded to know what gave Shane the authority to put his hands on the official referee Baron Corbin, and claimed that him making the three-count doesn’t mean anything because he had no business being out there. Owens continues his tyrade saying that Stephanie McMahon would never let anything like this happen, but unlike the superior Monday Night Raw this show has become Shane’s personal playground to showcase his arrogance.

Shane O’Mac made his way out to a big pop from Little Rock. He explained that he only came out because Corbin was being extremely biased towards Owens throughout the match, and then didn’t even both to finish doing his job. That’s why he put the uniform on, and that’s why he counted the three. Shane rubbed salt in the wound and said that Kevin lost, and this conversation is permanently over. He demands KO leave the ring because Aiden English has a match to get to.


Owens joined commentary and immediately screamed at Byron Saxton to shut his mouth and not talk for the rest of the match. Apparently there a match that went on for several minutes, but the focus was completely on Owens losing his mind over Shane McMahon screwing him over. He got mad at the referee for yelling at English and hit the ring, ripping the jersey off the official and putting it on himself. Sami Zayn got in his face wanting to know what he was doing, so Owens murdered him with a pop-up powerbomb. English made the cover and KO counted the quickest three in history.

Winner: Aiden English