WWE Smackdown Results (8/29): Orton & Nakamura Team Up in Main Event, Kevin Owens Responds to Shane McMahon, US Title Open

Backstage Segment

Baron Corbin is interviewed about “squandering” his Money in the Briefcase, and freaks out about John Cena screwing him out of it with a smile on his face. He said that AJ Styles promised him a shot in the Open Challenge so he plans on becoming the new United States Champion, which gets a big round of boos from the crowd.

In-Ring Segment

United States Champion AJ Styles made his way out and mocked Kevin Owens for losing his final opportunity at his title, but is glad to finally be rid of him. With that, it’s time to reopen the United States Championship Open Challenge! Tye Dillinger makes his way out to good pop from the fans, but Baron Corbin comes out and gets in his face, screaming at him that it’s his night and his opportunity. The two eventually come to blows and Dillinger shakes him off, hitting the ring and demanding the referee ring the bell.

U.S. Title Open Challenge


Styles won a very quick match to retain with the Calf Crusher, after interference from Baron Corbin. It lasted maybe a minute. After the bout, Corbin threw Dillinger into the barricade multiple times. He hit the ring and attacked Styles, but the champion battled back and laid him out with the Phenomenal Forearm, standing tall to end the segment.