Why It Was Ok For Nakamura to Lose To Jinder Mahal At SummerSlam


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This second of four videos from CSR this weekend looks at Shinsuke Nakamura losing to Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam. Here’s an excerpt:

Justin LaBar: I want more of a chase for Nakamura so I’m OK with it.

Juice Springsteen: But is Nakamura the one who dethrones Jinder Mahal? Who else? It’s not going to be Baron Corbin?

Justin LaBar: Bobby Roode?

Juice Springsteen: Hmm, maybe. Everyone tries to nit pick even if it’s going a way they liked previously. When Jinder won there was this hey this is great and different. Now he keeps winning it’s too much the same for people and they don’t like. I like Jinder as Champion, it’s something different. Better than Orton again.

To see the full conversation, watch the video below: