Why It Will Be A Huge Waste If Braun Strowman Doesn’t Beat Brock Lesnar

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(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)

This first of four CSR videos is all about Brock Lesnar versus Braun Strowman at No Mercy in September. Justin LaBar and Josh Isenberg debate:

Justin LaBar: I get it from the business point of needing something big to sell out Los Angeles but then I guess I wonder why they are going to Los Angeles in September for No Mercy? On the one hand I’m psyched to see it but I do have reservations with it because I’d be worried of Braun not winning, which at the moment I don’t think he does, if he doesn’t then does he fall back of the line? Does he get one more chance and lose again? I guess I’ll know better how I feel once the match is over to see how they do this and if they are protected. If they protect both then OK. But I’d rather hold out and see this on one of the bigger stages in WrestleMania season.

Josh Isenberg: I’d be fine with this for Survivor Series. Last year it was Brock versus Goldberg so why not Brock versus the only guy who could probably legitimately kick Lesnar’s ass. If you don’t give Braun the Championship at No Mercy then it’s a colossal let down and huge waste. I don’t want to see a dirty finish, count out, DQ or Lesnar winning. Have Strowman win and have Lesnar chase it.

To hear more of the debate and does Jon Jones work with WWE, watch the video below: