GFW Impact Results (8/24): A Gauntlet for the Gold to Crown a New GFW Champion, And More!

GFW Impact Results – 08/24/17GFW Impact Results

August 24th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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A video is shown of Jeff Jarrett getting into it with American Top Team and Dan Lambert. Jame Storm runs in and starts yelling as well.

Earlier today as Bobby Lashley is entering the arena with American Top Team, Jeff Jarrett tries to shake Lambert’s hand. Lambert blows him off.

Jim Cornette held a meeting with the entrants of the Gauntlet for the Gold later tonight. Cornette says this isn’t going to be a free ride for anyone. Lashley is missing, so Cornette says he is going to fine him. There is a mystery entrant that will be revealed to everyone later tonight.

oVe vs The Heat Seekers

oVe sends both Heat Seekers to the outside. Tandem dives by oVe. Heat Seeker one attempts a leap frog but Jake counters into a sick Death Valley Driver. Heat Seeker two charges into the ring but eats a DDT on the apron by Dave. Dave and Jake hit their finish for the win.

Winners- oVe

Backstage, Eli Drake and Chris Adonis walk into Jim Cornette’s office. Drake tries to get out of being number one in the Gauntlet for the Gold. Cornette says all of the numbers have been drawn. Cornette tells Drake that if promises to leave him alone he will change Drake’s number. Drake promises. Cornette tells Drake he will enter at number two instead of number one. Drake is livid. Cornett walks away.