WWE RAW Results (8/21): Strowman Assaults Lesnar, John Cena Returns, Huge Tag Team Main Event!

Kurt Angle comes out on the ramp. Angle thanks the crowd. Angle says he promised them a surprise tonight so here it is. Angle introduces John Cena. Cena comes out and runs to the ring. Cena asks the crowd if they were expecting him. a loud “let’s go Cena/Cena sucks chant breaks out. Cena asks why he is here. Cena says he says Angle at SummerSlam. Angle asked Cena if he wanted to come to Monday Night Raw. Cena immediately said yes. Not because there is anything wrong with Smackdown. Cena has waited a long time to stand in this ring, face-to-face with a certain superstar. Roman Reigns music hits. Reigns walks to the ring. Cena says Reigns is exactly who he was looking for. Reigns says the only time Cena has ever looked for him is when he is running his mouth on Twitter. Now that Cena is in Reigns’ yard the question is will Cena do it to his face. Cena says he didn’t come here to talk. Reigns and Cena square up. Miz and the Miztourage interrupt. Miz mispronounces Barclay. Cena makes fun of him. Miz asks how many times is Reigns and Cena going to be given a moment? The crowd goes nuts. Miz says he will take it. Miz is tired of undeserving people keep getting opportunities over him.

Miz asks the crowd if they think Raw needs John Cena. The crowd screams no. Cena says he is a man of the people and tries to leave. Miz cuts him off and says he isn’t down. Miz blames the crowd for not know if they want to boo or cheer Reigns or Cena. Miz says the only person that affects is him. Miz says he has earned to be at the top of the card after 12 years of blood sweat and tears. Cena says if Miz wants a moment to let’s give him one. Cena proposes a tag-team match tonight with Miz and one of his flunkies against Cena and Reigns. Miz says no because he is in a three piece suit. Samoa Joe walks out and hops in the ring. Joe says he is going to be Miz’s partner whether they like it or not. Joe gets in Reigns face and says he is sick of hearing him claim this is his yard. Joe is going to say this to Reigns face: one-on-one Joe owns Reigns. Joe turns to Cena and just decks him. a huge brawl breaks out. Cena picks up Joe for the AA but Joe reverses it into the Coquina Clutch. Reigns Superman punches Joe. Reigns and Cena are left in the ring. the crowd chants “you both suck!”