NXT Takeover Brooklyn Results: Hideo Itami vs. Aleister Black

takeover brooklyn

Photo Credit: 2k Sports

Hideo Itami vs Aleister Black

As soon as the bell ring Black and Itami try to kick each other’s heads off. Black boot Itami out of the ring. Black bounces off the second rope into his normal seated pose. Itami gets in the ring and eats a shining wizard by Black. Itami kicks Black in the chest, then drapes him on the top rope. Itami goes up top and blasts Black with a guillotine knee drop! Itami floors Black with a running back elbow for a two count. Itami slaps on a neck vice. Itami spinal taps Black. Itami locks in a side headlock. Black stands out of it. Itami takes Black over in a snap mare. Black’s nose is bleeding. Itami jumps over black and swipe kicks him in the face. Itami sits down in the ring, Black’s style. Black rolls over and sees Itami. Black is livid. Black runs right into a DDT for another near fall.

Itami locks in another side headlock. Itami misses a corner splash. Black launches into an insane strike combo that ends with Black springboarding off the second rope for a moonsault Itami kicks out. Black tries to pick Itami up with his foot for Black Mass but Itami avoids it. Tornado neck snap by Itami. Black kicks out. Fisherman’s buster by Itami for yet another near fall. KENTA combo by Itami. Black surprises Itami with a spin kick. Black goes up top. Itami cuts Black off. Itami hits a running head kick followed by an avalanche falcon arrow! Black kicks out! before Itami can pick Black up Black pops up and stares Itami in the face. Itami and Black trade strikes. Black hits a high knee but Itami responds with a falcon arrow for another two count! Black crawls to the corner. Itami hits the hesitation dropkick. Itami pulls down his knee pad. Itami tries the GTS but Black fights out of it. Itami taunts Black while screaming for respect. Itami charges in and almost gets decapitated by Black Mass. Itami is out and this match is OVER.

Winner – Aleister Black