Brooklyn Artist Creates Ric Flair Tribute / Get Well Piece (Photo), Dolph Ziggler Reveals SSlam Weekend Schedule, WWE – Rocket League Video

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Dolph Ziggler Reveals SSlam Weekend Schedule

WWE Smackdown Live star Dolph Ziggler, who as of now is not booked in a match for WWE SummerSlam, Tweeted the following on his PPV weekend plans:

WWE Rocket League Tournament

Below is a new “UpUpDownDown” video from Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day, announcing that the WWE Superstar Rocket League Tournament will be kicking off soon:

Brooklyn Artist Creates Ric Flair Tribute / Get Well Piece

The following has been issued:


Brooklyn artist, who specializes in “superhero mashups,” pays tribute to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair


NEW YORK, NY (August 15, 2017) — When word got out in the wrestling community that WWE and WCW legend Ric Flair was hospitalized on August 14, 2017 — and subsequently put in a medically induced coma — for undisclosed health problems, fans all over the world extended their sincerest well-wishes to a man whose presence, and trademark “Whoo!” battle cry, has been in their lives for decades. For Brooklyn artist SonofaSaint, however, he decided to pay tribute to the wrestling superstar in another way: by creating another one of his lauded signature pieces.

Inspired by Flair’s “larger than life” persona, SonofaSaint envisioned the superstar the way Flair, himself, boasted about at the height of his career: getting out of luxury cars, flying in private jets, blinged out to the max, and his championship belt at his feet behind an adoring crowd. As Flair glowers over his spoils of wrestling war, an adoring crowd cheers behind him.

This isn’t the first time that SonofaSaint has done a tribute piece for a wrestling superstar: he recently made a fan out of former WWE diva Melina Perez when she commissioned him to envision her as the Gal Gadot version of Wonder Woman.

SonofaSaint has also done pieces for Nick Bateman, Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson, “Love and Hip Hop” star Cardi B, and “Game of Thrones” star Jason Momoa.

SonofaSaint art is distinctive, raw, and genuine – and that’s in no small part thanks to the distinctive, raw, genuine creativity of Angel Manuel Lopez, the genius behind the canvas.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Lopez got his start as the lead singer of Biting Saints, a hardcore metal band that, in its prime, fielded major offers for touring, album distribution, and airplay. When, however, the band split up – as bands are wont to do – Lopez channeled his energy into becoming a graphic design whiz-kid.

Though Lopez is, predominantly, self-taught, his passion for his work – and his craft – is self-evident.

Under the SonofaSaint moniker, Lopez has become internationally known for his so-called “Superhero Mashups,” where he imagines celebrities and “real people” alike as their favorite comic book star. Whether he’s visualizing Nick Bateman as Gambit, Drake Bell as Nightwing/Robin the Boy Wonder, or Zoe Saldana as The Punisher, Lopez’s visionary creations have earned him a devoted following and a level of celebrity of his own. His work has been featured, so far, in Buzzfeed and The Inquisitr, and his Facebook Live demonstrations draw thousands of people at a time as he blesses them with the opportunity to watch him execute his vision in real-time.

Lopez enjoys exhibiting, and selling, his work to comics convention devotees, and can make his work available in print forms of all sizes upon request.

And though he’s based in Brooklyn, NY, he’s pleased to take commissions from people all over the world, is proud to offer his services at reasonable rates, and has a variety of excellent personal and professional references to boot.

Distinctive. Raw. Genuine.

SonofaSaint is not an artist – he’s a revolutionary.

Find SonofaSaint on Facebook at, and on Instagram at

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