Baron Corbin On Social Media Is The Heel WWE Needs Right Now

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

My latest column for, a site of all things trending, looks at Baron Corbin and his social media being the heel WWE needs. Here’s a sample of the column:

If you don’t like Baron Corbin, it’s OK, because he doesn’t like you.

What a breath of fresh heel air in 2017.

There’s a lot of obstacles today in being a believable bad guy in professional wrestling:

Social media showing guys break character.

A large portion of fans wanting to learn more about the inner workings an art that was once fiercely protected.

Hesitancy for wrestlers to commit the fullest of being a heel for fear of fewer merchandise sales.

Well, Baron Corbin uses his social media to elevate his persona. The Lone Wolf comes across that way not pandering to anyone or asking for anything.

Baron Corbin will shut down anyone in 140 characters when they spout negative analysis of him using insider terms.

Baron Corbin has no commitment issues to being Baron Corbin. His t-shirt sales might not be the highest, but his ability to be so believable will help keep him around as a top WWE antagonist making good money for a long time.

The top story from Corbin’s social media this week was his dismissal of Dave Meltzer’s opinion. Meltzer has been covering pro wrestling since the 80s and is one of the most recognizable names doing so. But that doesn’t impress Corbin.

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