Exclusive: ROH Spotlight On Shane Taylor (Video), ‘Dalton Castle Boys Night Out’ (Photo Gallery/Review)

It’s time for our latest Fridays of Honor feature!

This week’s Fridays of Honor features two exclusive pieces of ROH related content.

The first is the ROH spotlight video feature on ROH wrestler Shane Taylor that is embedded at the top of this post.

Here is Shane Taylor’s bio from ROH.com:

One of the largest, most intimidating stars in Ring of Honor history, Shane Taylor made a splash in Ring of Honor interfering in a No Disqualification ROH World Tag Team Title bout. Having an axe to grind with challenger Ray Rowe, Taylor helped cost Rowe and his partner Hanson the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Since then, Taylor has been a dominant tag team competitor with an eye on singles competition. In tag team bouts, the monstrous Cleveland native was not afraid to mix it up with and hold his own against brawlers like War Machine and the Briscoes. Now, Taylor uses splashes, slams, and unrelenting violence to take it to ROH stars.

With his eyes set on ROH World singles gold, Taylor called out Jay Briscoe, one of only three men to hold the ROH World Championship more than once. Looking to make a statement, Taylor is has made his statement calling out of the all-time Ring of Honor greats. With an unmatched combination of size and strength, Taylor has the tools to quickly rise up the ROH singles ranks and assert his dominance.
Also this week we are happy to feature the following photo gallery and review from Dalton Castle’s Boys Night Out. A comedy event that went down this past Wednesday night in Chicago, IL at North Bar.
The night featured:
  • Former Second City Mainstage performer Martin Morrow opening the night with stand up comedy
  • A formal address from Dalton in his ROH rind gear accompanied by “two of his boys”
  • An armwrestling exhibition from Louisville Championship Armwrestling
  • Dalton performing stand up comedy
  • A surprise appearance and on-stage interview with ROH’s and The Kingdom’s Matt Taven
  • A music based game show hosted by Castle and Taven
I was in attendance for the show and was very impressed. Martin is legitimately one of the funniest people in Chicago (on the planet?) and Dalton definitely held his own having to follow him. I was genuinely impressed with how good Dalton was at stand-up. I know he is a very entertaining pro wrestler but that doesn’t always translate well to stand-up comedy. Dalton certainly felt like a polished stand up.
The LCAW bit was fine for what it was. Something light and goofy that didn’t take up too much time. With some polish I am sure it could add more to the overall show.
Matt Taven was an awesome surprise. Having never met him in person I had no idea what to expect but he and Dalton obviously are good friends and their chemistry bled through to the audience. The music based game show they hosted at the end was a fun, loose way to end the show as well.
There were probably 40-50 people in attendance and everyone left happy. If you see Dalton Castle Boys Night Out coming to your town I would highly recommend it. Great time.