GFW Impact Results (8/10) Super X Cup Continues, Huge Six-Man Main Event, Final Hype for Destination X!

GFW Impact Results – 08/10/17GFW Impact Results

August 10th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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As the show starts there is a brawl in the back between LAX and the Veterans of War.

Sienna is sitting in the ring with both her title belts hanging from the ropes. Sienna says she is the epitome of a champion. She has defended her titles and one, on her own, might she add. Karen Jarrett has made a match for Sienna’s titles and she won’t tell Sienna who it’s against. Sienna says she isn’t leaving the ring until she gets an answer. Karen Jarrett comes out and straight up tells Sienna that she doesn’t like her and she has never liked her. Karen goes on to say that she probably will never like Sienna. Sienna is the type of woman that woman hate. Sienna tells Karen that she isn’t Mrs. Jarret, she is just Karen now. No one can be ready to face Sienna in a week. Karen says Sienna’s opponent is always ready. Gail Kim comes to the ring and tells Sienna that Sienna isn’t the greatest Knockouts champ. Kim says she is going to beat Sienna and retire with the Knockouts championship. Kim tries to leave the ring but Sienna attacks her from behind. Sienna almost hits the AK47 but Kim avoids it. Kim almost hits Eat Defeat but Sienna avoids it. Sienna rolls out of the ring. Kim dives off the apron onto Sienna. Kim and Sienna brawl until they are separated by referees.

Backstage, Joseph Park apologizes to Grado for getting him into this mess. They will face Kongo Kong in a handicap match.