Eva Marie Leaving WWE Marks The True End Of The Divas Division

(Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

(Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

My latest column for upgruv.com, a site of all things trending, is about how Eva Marie leaves WWE for Hollywood and it truly marks the end of an era. Here’s an excerpt:

Eva Marie is no longer a WWE Superstar.

Some would question if she ever really was.

On Friday it was confirmed by both sides they have parted ways.

WWE debuted her in 2013 on the “Total Divas” reality show on E! Network. Reality television is all about drama. She was cast to travel the road with veterans of the business like The Bella Twinsand Natalya. She was the outsider and rubbing everyone the wrong way.

Eva’s hire was manufactured drama for the show. Perhaps that’s all WWE brass ever initial wanted out of her.

But “All Red Everything” did expand beyond the reality show based on popular heel demand. Appearing in front of live crowds for WWE and NXT shows she received one of the loudest reactions of boos compared to anyone else in the locker room.

The self-proclaimed smartest fans dismiss this and refer to it as “go away heat.” The motivation for heat in professional wrestling is irrelevant. Heat is heat and what heels work hard to get. If you want to the person to go away then get up and go to the bathroom. Fans didn’t because get up because they would loudly boo her every time they could.

WWE started having Eva seriously train to better learn the in-ring performance. Reality cameras, of course, filmed her as veteran Brian Kendrick started teaching her basics and then some of his repertoire.

In 2016 steady promotion began airing for Eva Marie a regular in-ring performer. She would constantly have her matches get delayed to another week. A bold ring introduction was recorded and done for her over the arena’s PA system. It was attention grabbing but never panned out.

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