Figure Friday: San Diego Comic Con Exclusive WWE Elite Isaac Yankem (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! This week we take a look at the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusive WWE Elite Flashback Isaac Yankem figure!  This figure was only available at the convention and on the Toys R Us website with no word on if he’ll ever be restocked.

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The packaging on Yankem is fantastic, especially the backside of the card. It’s hard to believe this is Yankem’s very first action figure ever and to be honest it’s not the most exciting one, but it’s a great gimmicky figure with nice packaging. You can see he has his own color scheme in the same Elite style box. On the back it’s like a dentist’s chart with bad teeth drawings and other information, which is a pretty cool design. It makes the figure that much more awesome to display mint for those who don’t open their figures.

Once you open Yankem you can see how simple the figure is. Granted, his gimmick wasn’t the most flashy or anything to deserve a super detailed figure, but the figure itself just looks very vanilla. He comes with a cloth shirt, which is great as Mattel skimps out on those a lot these days, but they didn’t include Isaac Yankem, D.D.S. on his shirt, which is a missed opportunity for some detail. The shirt has a flap in the front, also where it velcros shut, to look like a thicker dentist’s attire. Besides that accessory he also has his head gear, which fits well to his head, reducing any risk of losing it. My only complaint with the headgear is that it says “China” across the “glass” portion of it, which is pretty noticeable. Besides that my favorite part of the figure would probably have to be his head scan.

Yankem’s scan looks just like him in my opinion. A young Glenn Jacobs with the horrific looking teeth, the aspect most of us remember about this short lived gimmick, as well as his mullet style hairdo. Mattel did a great job capturing the character in that respect honestly. Other than that he has some wrist bands and plain blue dress pants. Once you remove his shirt he has a somewhat flabby body, which you can kind of see in my photo above. His arms are too ripped in my opinion and he should be flabbier as well honestly. Looking at older footage of him back then I feel they were a little generous to him.

If you were lucky enough to snag a Yankem at SDCC or on the TRU website, congrats to you! He sold out relatively quickly and I honestly haven’t heard anything about him being restocked. It’s not a bad figure by all means, but it’s nothing great. It’s a very plain figure that I feel they could’ve added a bit more detail to. Just giving him some black pants, as seen above, made the figure better already as that’s how I remember the character really. If you’d like to pick him up keep an eye on the TRU website and of course check eBay or something to see if people are selling him, which I’m sure they are.

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