GFW Impact Results (8/3) Super X Cup Action Continues, The El Patrons vs LAX, Low-Ki Makes his Mark!

GFW Impact Results – 08/03/17GFW Impact Wrestling Results

August 3rd, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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LAX is in their hang out. Konnan checks his phone and tells the rest of LAX that “he’s in”. We will meet the newest member of LAX. This person walks and thinks like they do. The El Patron family won’t know what hits them.

Super X Cup Match: Dezmond Xavier vs Drago

Drago kicks Xavier in the gut after reversing an Irish whip. Xavier attempts a back flip head scissor but Drago sees it coming and dropkicks Xavier in the chest. Drago attempts to sweep Xavier’s legs but Xavier backflips over it. Xavier grabs a waist lock. Drago forces Xavier in the corner. After a few strikes, Drago takes Xavier over with a top rope head scissor. Xavier surprises Drago with a hurricanrana. Drago is back body dropped over the top rope. Xavier hits the ropes for a dive but Drago sprints back into the ring and sends Xavier to the outside. Drago blast Xavier with a topé suicida. Xavier crashes into the barricade.

After a short break, Drago and Xavier kick each other in the face at the same time. Both competitors drop to the mat. The referee almost counts both men out. Drago and Xavier trade punches. Drago kicks Xavier in the hip. Xavier clutches his leg as he writhes in pain on the mat. Xavier surprises Drago with a flurry of strikes, punctuated with a cutter. Xavier kips up to his feet. Xavier sends Drago to the outside. Xavier swantons over the top rope onto Drago. Drago kicks out. Xavier tries to kick Drago in the gut. Drago catches Xavier’s foot and pushes him backward. Xavier does a backflip. Drago superkicks Xavier then hits a hangman’s DDT for a two count. Power bomb by Drago. Xavier somehow kicks out! Drago misses a splash in the corner. Xavier sends Drago head first into the corner. Drago catches Xavier with a rising knee to the head. Drago hits his rolling DDT! Xavier kicks out! Xavier trips Drago into the corner. X19 by Xavier. Xavier climbs up top and hits the Final Flash for the win!

Winner- Dezmond Xavier

After the match, Xavier says the fact that he beat Drago means he is destined to win it all.