VIDEO: Have The Hardys Found a New Version of the ‘Broken’ Gimmick to Use in WWE?

the hardys

(Photo credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite negotiations between The Hardys and GFW breaking down over the use of the “Broken” gimmick, The Hardys continue to tease their Broken characters in tonight’s WWE Raw Fallout video.

Below, The Hardys talk their win over Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, and then thank The Revival for the post-match brawl, as it made them feel alive, triggered, and awoken.

With GFW’s Ed Nordholm stating in a recent interview that he has no desire to negotiate with The Hardys again as it pertains to the rights to the Broken gimmick, it seems for now as if Matt Hardy will not be using his “Broken Matt Hardy” character anytime soon in WWE. The following fallout tease might suggest that Matt Hardy could become “Awoken Matt Hardy” as a way around not being able to be “broken”: