GFW Impact Results (7/27): Alberto El Patron vs LAX in a Gauntlet Match!


GFW Impact Wrestling Results

July 27th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

WZ apologizes for the late posting of the show results, as a conflict prohibited results from being posted live.

The Mayor of Orlando is out to do the announcements for the first match.

Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and EC3 vs Moose, Eddie Edwards, and Naomichi Marufuji

Edwards takes Drake over with a deep arm drag. Edwards locks in an arm bar before taking in Marufuji. Marufuji whips Drake over and stomps on his elbow. Edwards tags back in and eats an elbow from Drake. EC3 tags in. Edwards and Marufuji double chop EC3 over and over again. Moose tags in and EC3 leaves the ring. Moose gets distracted and EC3 attacks him from behind. Adonis is in. Adonis lands a few chops. Moose surprises Adonis with a dropkick. Marufuji is back in. Marufuji chops Adonis. Marufuji unloads on Adonis with a kick combo that floors Adonis. Adonis back body drops Marufuji. Edwards gets a blind tag. Edward drop toe holds Adonis as Marufuji hits an elbow. Edwards tries to dive to the outside but Adoins cuts him off with a clothesline.

After a commercial break, Drake sends Edwards careening to the mat after a flying shoulder block from the outside. The heels work over Edwards. Moose gets the hot tag and beats down everyone. Moose sets up his hesitation dropkick but Adonis and Drake cut him off. Marufuji kicks EC3 and Adonis in the head. Marufuji sets up the sliced bread #2. Adonis almost counter that into the Adonis lock. Moose breaks it up. Drake hits his finish on Marufuji. Moose pop-up power bombs Drake. EC3 runs into the ring with the Impact Grand Championship. The referee takes the belt away from EC3. EC3 kicks Moose in the balls, then hits a butterfly face buster for the win.

Winners- Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and EC3