WWE Battleground Results: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens – United States Championship


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

United States Championship Match: AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens

Owens takes Styles down with a shoulder block. Styles responds with an arm drag. Owens rolls to the outside. Owens pulls Styles’ leg to send him to the mat. Styles takes Owens over with pop-up head scissors. Owens goes outside again. Owens gets back in the ring and Styles tries to German suplex him. Owens fights it off. Owens hits the ropes and eats a high dropkick by Styles. Owens rolls outside yet again. Styles follows. Styles slams Owens into the commentary desk. Styles whips Owens’ into the barricade. Styles tries a running splash but Owens moves out of the way. Owens tosses Styles crotch first into the ring post. Owens rolls Styles back in the ring. Running senton by Owens for a near fall. Owens locks in a rear chin lock.

Owens tries another senton. Styles gets his knees up. Styles fires up and lands a few strikes. Styles tries a spinning back fist. Owens ducks and DDTs Styles. Owens goes right back to the rear chin lock. Styles breaks free after a flurry, floors Owens with a stiff clothesline. Basement forearm by Styles. Running corner clothesline by Styles. Styles tries the face plant but can’t get Owens up Owens misses a clothesline, which allows Styles to hit the face plant. Styles and Owens trade waist locks. Ushigoroshi by Styles for a near fall. Styles goes for the springboard 450 but Owens’ gets his knees up! Styles kicks out. Owens flattens Styles with the corner cannonball. Styles manages to kick out. Owens is livid.

Owens sits Styles on the top rope. Styles fights out of it. Styles drops down and tries to power bomb Owens off the top. Owens holds on to the ropes. Styles pulls Owens into a burning hammer position. Styles turns it into a torture rack into a spinout powerbomb. Styles goes up top. Owens cuts Styles off. Owens climbs up tot he top. Styles tries to fight out of it yet again. Styles sets up the Phoenominal forearm. Owens rolls out of the ring and trips Styles on the apron. Styles lands shoulder first on the apron. Owens starts to work on Styles injured shoulder. Owens sends Styles into the corner shoulder first. Owens hits an armDT. Pelé kick by Styles! Styles tries to set up the Styles clash. Owens tosses Styles across the ring right into the referee. Owens superkicks Styles. Owens calls for the Pop-up Power Bomb. Styles counters into the calf crusher. Owens turns it into the cross face. Styles counters that into a cross face of his own. Owens rolls over into a pin. The refree counts to three.

Winner and NEW United States Champion, Kevin Owens