Tetsuya Naito Disses the Quality of Kota Ibushi’s WWE Matches, Says Ibushi Is Not Qualified To Be in The G1

tetsuya naito

Photo Credit: NJPW1972.com

NJPW star Tetsuya Naito recently spoke with NJPW and below are some interview highlights:

Wanting to face members of Los Ingobernables de Japon in the G1 Climax tournament:

“I’ve got to say, I’m a little bit disappointed. I was really looking forward to all of us in Los Ingobernables de Japon fighting one another, but we didn’t get put in the same group. I thought there was a good chance of it being two in one group and one in the other, but it’s a shame I’m the one on my own.”

If Kota Ibushi is qualified to be in the G1 Climax tournament:

“Like ‘Is he really qualified to be in the G1?’ I mean, the fans are excited. He’s a fantastic athlete. Everyone knows that. But what has he done in the last year? Is the G1 a tournament for part-timers who have a few matches a year? When his name came up, my head was full of question marks.”

Kota Ibushi saying while he was away from NJPW, he’s done thing nobody in NJPW has done, including Naito:

“Oh, really? So, then. How many matches did he have in WWE? I mean, all together he had what, maybe ten matches? A little less than that? Do those ten matches there match up to the quality of 140 matches in New Japan? Don’t think so.”