Chris Sabin Discusses Never Being A Champion In ROH, Upcoming ROH Tag Title Match Against The Young Bucks & Future Of Motor City Machine Guns

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Today’s episode features a Fridays of Honor interview with Ring of Honor wrestler and one-half of The Motor City Machine Gun’s Chris Sabin.

You can find some of Chris’ comments transcribed below. His full comments can be heard in the embedded audio player at the top of this post or on

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On having never been a champion in Ring of Honor:

CS: That is true. It’s something that is very true and something I need to remedy. Alex and I are wrestling The Young Bucks at Queen City Excellence at the end of the month for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles. It could be time. You never know how reality will play out.

On whether he’s considered transitioning out of tag team wrestling back into being a singles wrestler:

CS: I am pretty happy right now. I enjoy tag team matches as opposed to singles matches. You can be more creative. You can have a strategy and come at it from way more angles than just a singles match. There is just more people to work with and I have more fun. I am very content doing tag team matches right now. I don’t plan on hitting Alex Shelley from behind or anything like that.

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features SHINE ring announcer Kid Cadet as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from the last twenty-four hours that Nick & Kid discuss include:

  • WWE & Mattel’s new line of dolls
  • The latest on this Sunday’s WWE Battleground
  • Mark Henry announcing his in-ring retirement
  • John Cena saying his in-ring days are numbered
  • Jim Cornette comparing Kenny Omega to Hitler

Today’s episode also features a Fridays of Honor interview with Ring of Honor wrestler and one-half of The Motor City Machine Gun’s Chris Sabin.

During Chris’ appearance he discusses:

  • Search & Destroy’s victory over The Rebellion at Best in The World
  • What young talents in ROH have caught his eye
  • The Motor City Machine Gun’s recent ROH TV main event victory over War Machine
  • What dream matches The MCMG’s have left
  • Whether he’s considered going back to being a single’s competitor
  • Never holding gold in ROH
  • The MCMG’s upcoming ROH World Tag Team Championship shot against The Young Bucks
  • More…