Ryback Responds To Dana Warrior Denying Wrestlemania 30 Match Rumors

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org

Following Dana Warrior’s response about reports of a Ryback versus Ultimate Warrior match at Wrestlemania XXX being false, Ryback posted the following after a fan told her to listen to his full response on a new episode of his Conversations With The Big Guy podcast where he said an early version of the match card had him facing Ultimate Warrior in a match:

As heard on the podcast, Ryback said WWE’s Mark Carrano showed him the idea for the card, and he was on board because he did what the company asked of him, but was a bit skeptical because he didn’t know what kind of shape Warrior would be in. Ryback said (comments transcribed by Chris Featherstone): 

“Mark Carrano actually had showed me the WrestleMania card early. They kind of have an idea of what they want to do, obviously, ahead of time, and they had on it Ryback versus Ultimate Warrior. And I just said, ‘cool.’ But, in my head, at the time, it was during my heel deal, that first one, where it probably wasn’t gonna be a favorable position for me as far as all that. But I was excited, because I figured it was his one last moment in WWE. So, I thought it would be really cool. I didn’t think I would necessarily be the right guy for that, because I didn’t know anything… I didn’t know what kind of shape he was in, if he could wrestle or not, but I 100 percent would have done it, because I did everything that they asked me there.”

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Ryback also went on to say on CWTBG that he isn’t sure anybody knew what kind of condition Warrior would be in, but he would have done the match and said he was a fan of Warrior growing up. He also said it would have been a cool moment in history in the bigger picture, because fans would have understood why the match happened, but it could have been a very early idea that didn’t pan out because of how quickly things change in WWE’s plans. 

In response to the Tweet, Dana Warrior added: