GFW Impact Results (7/13) The Super X Cup Continues, El Patron and Lashley Team Up to Face LAX!

slammiversaryGFW Impact Wrestling Results

July 13th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Grado and Joseph Park pull up to the arena in a beat up car. Park tells Grado that the President of the United States wants to kick him out of the country. Grado is extremely upset. Park tells Grado that he has a way that Grado can stay in the United States. Grada has to get married. Even better, Grado should get married to a Knockout! Why? Because all the boys are doing it these days.

In Ring Segment: LAX

Konnan says that last week they promised a new soldier in the LAX army. Konnan calls for Alberto El Patron to come to the ring. El Patron’s music hits and he slowly makes his way to the ring. El Patron embraces Konnan (sorta). El Patron asks Konnan what he is doing. El Patron says they have been through so much he can’t understand why Konnan told everyone he joined LAX without asking him. Konnan notes that they have been oppressed for so long that they need each other. Konnan asks if El Patron has forgotten. El Patron says, of course, he hasn’t forgotten what the blankety blank blanks in Stanford did to him. El Patron says he is a loner and Carlos (Konnan) knows that. El Patron says he understands what Konnan is trying to do but he doesn’t agree with the way he is trying to do it. El Patron offers one last emphatic no. Konnan sics the rest of LAX on El Patron. As El Patron is getting beat down, Lashley hits the ring and makes the save… wait, what? Lashley hands El Patron the Impact title and walks away. El Patron looks as confused as you probably did reading that last line.