#1 Contender’s Match w/ Summerslam Stipulation On WWE RAW Next Week, Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar Face To Face Highlights

(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Samoa Joe will face Roman Reigns on next week’s episode of WWE RAW, and the winner will face Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam for the Universal Championship.

Kurt came to the ring for an in-ring promo and congratulated Brock for retaining the title last night. Kurt said he thought Brock and Heyman might like to hear his idea for who will challenge Brock at Summerslam. Heyman said they aren’t here for a creative meeting so they will leave him to figure that out and adjust to his new corporate role in WWE. Roman Reigns came out and Kurt said he went too far with braun Strowman, but Reigns laughed it off and said they were in the Attitude Era and Heyman’s the Father of Hardcore. He said he dealt with the problem in Strowman that no one else could, so maybe Kurt owes him a favor now, and he wants Brock at Summerslam. Heyman says he likes it, but Brock said Roman doesn’t deserve sh*t, and standing it front of him is the closest he will get to the title.

Samoa Joe then came out and said they are living in a fantasy land, and he should drag them all back down to reality. Brock says reality is he kicked Joe’s ass last night, but Joe says not to worry because he will put him to sleep soon enough. Joe says Brock escaped him, and he didn’t win, then he looks at Reigns and says he’s never beaten him. Heyman says Joe will never see a title match again, then Joe and Brock go face to face and Joe says Heyman is protecting Brock from him, because Joe says he’s got Brock’s number. Reigns laughs and says he didn’t have that number last night, then Joe and Reigns get into it before Kurt announces Joe and Reigns will fight next week, with the winner moving on to Summerslam. Kurt ordered them to stay apart or he would cancel the match, and he said look forward to Summerslam and asked them to leave.