The Young Bucks on Possibly Going to WWE, Josh Barnett Taking a Shot at Them During G1 Climax, Hot Topic

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) are the special guest on Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 12360 this week and they talk about teaming up with Hot Topics. Below are some interview highlights:

The Young Bucks talk about Changing the Match:

Matt: We’re very proud of that one. It’s funny cause, the second night it was very loose with the time que. They actually didn’t tell us how long to go.

Nick: I heard the rumor that we were supposed to go on 12 & we’re like yeah, let’s go 25.

The Young Bucks talk about Meltzer Driver:

Matt: We knew that his dad was battling cancer for awhile. We knew this weekend we’d do something for him. We didn’t know he passed away during the weekend. So we’re like “Ah Man, This is terrible.” We felt like doing something because wrestling was his life. We felt like doing something special on a big show. He was actually supposed to be there live with his sons. So we’re like let’s do something cool for him.

The Young Bucks talk about Josh Barnett commentary:

Matt: I feel like he should be doing his job instead of trying to get whatever he wants over for himself. He has a certain style he likes and it comes across so much like obviously, Josh doesn’t like this style.

Nick: Announcers are not supposed to get themselves over. You’re supposed to get the product over.

The Young Bucks talk about teaming with Hot-Topic:

Matt: The CEO of Hot-Topic was actually at WrestleMania, and he kept seeing Young Buck T-Shirts, Kenny Omega T-Shirts, Cody Rhodes T-Shirts & Bullet Club T-Shirts. So he was like “WOW, Why don’t we have those T-Shirts in our shop.” So he called someone from WWE to find out who  owned all of these shirts. When WWE said no, we don’t own those shirts, he was like “what? I need to find out who owns them.” He finds out who owns Pro-Wrestling Tees and calls Ryan (Owner of PWT) to see if any way he can get the T-Shirts. So Ryan contacted us and we’re like yeah let’s get it done. They just talked to us yesterday about an exclusive Elite T-Shirt.

The Young Bucks going to WWE:

Matt:Our names are always floating up according to our buddies. If you asked me right now no, why do I even need to go there at this point, in a year in a half from now the landscape may change. We may have to go somewhere different, do something different to get hot again. I’ll never ever say never.

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of AfterBuzz TV’s X-Pac 12360.