Slammiversary Results (7/2): Lashley & El Patron Unify World Titles, Full Metal Mayhem Match, Sonjay Dutt vs Low-Ki and More

– Jeremy Borash is in the ring with his hands tapped up after splashing through that mountain of thumbtacks earlier in the night. He introduces the founder of Impact Wrestling, the founder of Global Force Wrestling and the King of the Mountain… Jeff Jarrett! Double J says time is of the essence so he’s going to make this short and sweet. He thanks all the fans for their support over the years, for buying tickets and merch, for their participation on social media, and for making Impact Wrestling what it is after all these years.

Impact World Heavyweight & GFW Global Championship Unification

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Alberto el Patron (c)

They do the official ring introductions as Lashley comes out with King Mo and his entire entourage. El Patron is backed by his legendary father Dos Caras and his brother El Hijo de Dos Caras. Both men shake hands with Jeff Jarrett as all the extras head to the back, so it’ll just be King Mo and Dos Caras out at ringside for their champions.

Patron fires off with a flurry of stiff kicks as soon as the bell rings, then hoists up the big man with an ametuer style takedown for a quick pin attempt. Lashley builds up a head of steam but gets send flying to the floor, and the GFW Champion launches himself over the ropes only to get caught with a massive European uppercut from the Destroyer. Lashley takes control slamming his opponent into the announce table over and over again. He brings him around the ring and picks him up, slamming Patron down hard with a running powerslam into the steel steps. Lashley brings his opponent back into the ring and gets a two-count. Alberto fires up throwing boots in the corner and hits a series of clotheslines, but is send flying with a huge shoulder tackle from the big man and Lashley takes control yet again, slowing things down. Bobby makes a mistake climbing the ropes and gets crotched up top, and Patron connects with a colossal superplex to send them both crashing to the earth below.

Both men slowly rise to their feet, going back and forth with big right hands. Patron catches the Impact champion in the ropes and puts on the cross armbreaker over the top until the referee forces him to break it up. He looks for the submission again in the middle of the ring but Lashley escapes and rolls to the floor getting some support from King Mo. Patron flies through the ropes with a suicide dive but comes up empty and burns hard into the barricade. Lashley sees his opening and rolls it back into the ring, lighting up his challenger with body blows in the corner. He goes for the spear but Patron plants him with a Tornado DDT and floats effortlessly into the cross armbreaker! They tease the tap out as Bobby is flailing in pain, but he manages to get to his feet and powers the GFW Champion into the air, slamming him down on the mat to break the hold. Feeling the desperation Lashley drags him up the ropes and actually connects with a Death Valley Driver from the second turnbuckle, but somehow Patron gets his shoulder up just in time.

Lashley can’t believe he hasn’t won this match yet, and King Mo goes to find a steel chair that he never actually uses. The champion picks up the lifeless body of Patron and slaps him across the face, over and over again as he mocks Dos Caras. Patron comes out of nowhere with a Backstabber into a superkick, but Lashley rolls to the floor to escape being pinned. King Mo gets in the face of Dos Cara and Alberto has a major problem with that. They start shoving each other on the floor before Patron rolls back inside, but he gets caught in an armbar! Alberto tries but realizes he’s nowhere near the ropes and gets to his feet, stomping away on the Destroyer’s head until he breaks the hold himself. An exhausted Patron turns around but gets caught with a sickening spear! 1…2…no! Lashley says enough is enough and lines up for a second spear, but Patron lights him up with a front dropkick and throws his entire body at him as they go crashing through the ropes to the floor.

King Mo has the chair again and threatens to end this match for Lashley, but Dos Caras comes up from behind and kicks him in the balls. A loud “Si! Si! Si!” chant breaks out but Bobby goes after the luchaor legend and pie-faces him up the ramp. Patron takes advantage of the distraction and hits the step-up enzuigiri, then follows up with a double foot stomp from the top rope. 1…2…3!

Winner and New Unified World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto el Patron

– Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out with X-Division Champion Sonjay Dutt, Naomichi Marufuji and a collection of other babyfaces who wrestled earlier in the night. Alberto celebrates with his family, holding up both the Impact and GFW titles as Bobby Lashley looks on disappointed and broken on the outside.