WWE Working on “Cena 2.0” Project, Kevin Owens Talks MSG Match Against Chris Jericho, JR and Josh Barnett Talk Calling G1 Special (Videos)

(Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

WWE Working on “Cena 2.0” Project

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is currently working on a “Cena 2.0” project, which appears to be some type of TV commercial project on how John Cena has changed people’s lives. Producer’s of the piece are said to be looking from people, ages 10 to 18, who have “real stories that pull the heart strings of viewers”. Pay for the project is $250 per cast member.

Kevin Owens Talks MSG Match Against Chris Jericho

The following is the latest WWE Network pick of the week video, featuring Kevin Owens discussing his match against Chris Jericho at Madison Square Garden in 2015:

JR & Josh Barnett Talk Calling G1 Special

As noted, Jim Ross and Josh Barnett will be calling the G1 Special taking place in Los Angeles, and the following video has been posted, featuring Jim Ross offering the following comments on NJPW’s unique style:

“This is the first time this long established, very prestigious, promotion has had an event of this magnitude in North America. This is it. Big television network, live TV. Probably a four-hour show, I’m guessing. You know that the athletes are going to be motivated, the Americans on this card are going to want to impress the promotion. Looking for more money and more bookings, simple deal, let’s be honest about it. The Japanese competitors are coming here are representing more than just their company, their represent their country, as well, in this new venture. I gotta believe all of these ingredient are gonna equate to one hell of an in-ring wrestling product and that’s going to be our focus. Including no commercials breaks during the matches.”