Figure Friday: WWE Elite 50 Shane McMahon (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we look at Shane McMahon’s very first Elite figure from WWE Elite 50! I got mine from and you can, too! This figure is based on Shane’s match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. That being said, let’s take a look at him in the packaging.

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Looking at Shane in the packaging you can see he comes with the announce table from Wrestlemania 32. The Mattel announce tables are usually a highly sought after accessory, which will make Shane that much more desirable. The table makes the box pretty heavy, too, which is interesting if you should notice that as it’s just different than the typical Elite. The box says it’s based on a SmackDown Live appearance, which isn’t true, but they most likely did that since he’s GM there. On the back it has a large image of him as well as some stats. Also listed are those in the set, such as: Baron Corbin, Stephanie McMahon, Rhyno, Warlord and John Cena.

Taking a look at Shane out of the packaging you can see they did a nice job on the figure. The likeness is decent. It looks like him for the most part. I wish his hair was a little peppered than flat gray but it still looks fine in my opinion. His jersey is a molded rubber that goes over the articulated body, so it does limit his chest movement a little bit. Just be careful when posing his chest and his legs as the bottom of the jersey does restrict some of his leg movement. I noticed, too, that the slit under his arms may split a bit when posing his arms so be careful.

The detail on the figure in general is nice overall. You can see they put all the logos on his jersey, which makes the figure pop that much more. One thing I did notice is that the “Shane O’Mac” logo on his chest can be printed poorly sometimes so just be weary when you get yours. If you’re super anal about your figures keep an eye out for that if you can. Besides his jersey you can see the detail on his shoes, which is nice as Mattel doesn’t always put colors on their shoes.

Looking at his accessories, he comes with a piece of the Performance Center display. You have to buy all the figures in the set to complete it as it’s a cool way to display the figures on a shelf or wherever. He also comes with the announce table that breaks in pieces. The table is a bit fragile so it can be a bit of a pain to assemble since it doesn’t stay together all that well. It also comes with monitors, which is really cool as they sit in the slots built into the table like their real tables on the show.

Overall, the figure is decent. It’s a great modern Shane McMahon Elite for now. Of course the new Ringside Exclusive one will be out soon but that’s a younger Shane. If you missed out on the announce table be sure to pick this one up as who knows when another one will release with someone. You can get him on if you want to guarantee you get him.

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!