Impact Wrestling Results (6/29) Huge Eight Man Tag Match Main Event, Final Hype for Slammiversary!

slammiversaryImpact Wrestling Results

June 29th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Impact kicks off with Josh Matthews welcoming us to the show. This is the final night for Impact in India. Four contract signings took place earlier tonight. Matthews throws to the footage.

The women’s title match contract signing is up first. Sienna notes that Rosemary is a fool. Rosemary may spit mist, but Sienna spits fire. Rosemary tells Sienna that may have signed in ink, but at Slammiversary they will sign her death certificate in her own blood. Sienna doesn’t seem phased.

The next signing is for the Ful Metal Mayhem Mixed Tag Match. Davey Richards tells Eddie Edwards to kill him now before Richards buries Edwards next to his wife. Edwards tells Richards he’s gonna beat his a$$ live on pay-per-view. This all started with Richards and Edwards is going to end it. Ethan

E Singh 3 and “Cowboy” James Storm are up next. Storm is already a house of fire. So much so Prichard tells him to simmer down or there won’t be a match at the PPV. E Singh 3 tells Storm he is going to tear him apart at the PPV. Storm goes into great detail on how he is going to tear the flesh off E Singh 3’s body with the strap.

Last but certainly not least, Bobby Lashley and Alberto El Patron sign their contract. Lashley laughs and tells Patron he has not shot. El Patron should just give Lashley the GFW Title now and save himself a beating. El Patron says there is no reason to wait. Let’s just do it now! Prichard steps in and books a tag match for later tonight so everyone can get a piece of each other.